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Temple Lodge was Consecrated by on Thursday 29th September 1927 by the Right Worshipful Brother Col. W.F. Wyley. (Later Sir William), V.D., D.L. assisted by ten Officers of  Provincial grand Lodge with a further eighty four Masons in attendance in the newly opened Warwickshire Peace Memorial Temple, Broad Street, Birmingham (Shown in the picture above).  The building was Consecrated on Saturday, 3rd September 1927.

The founders of the Lodge, mainly members of Concord Lodge No: 3239, were granted permission for the Lodge to be called ‘Temple Lodge’ by the Provincial Grand Master Rt.Wor.Bro. Col. W.F. Wyley.  V.D., D.L. taking its name from the Peace Memorial Temple.  The Lodge Banner features the front of the Peace Memorial Temple.  Temple Lodge is the Great, Great, Grand Daughter Lodge of Athol Lodge No: 74.

Provincial Grand Master Col. W.F. Wyley

Our Family Tree

 Lodge No  Lodge Sponsored by Year Consecrated
        74 Athol Lodge No 305 (IC) 1811
      1016 Elkington   Lodge Athol Lodge 1864  Daughter Lodge
      2733 Loyal Travellers Lodge Elkington  Lodge 1898  Grand Daughter Lodge
      3239 Concord Lodge Loyal Travellers Lodge 1907  Great, Grand Daughter Lodge
      4929 Temple Lodge Concord Lodge 1927  Great, Great, Grand Daughter Lodge