Thinking of joining? There is more information at – UGLE

Temple Lodge welcomes membership enquiries and extends the “Masonic Hand of Friendship” to all new members. If after visiting our website, and we suggest that of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire, and you are still interested in becoming a Freemason, we would advise you first talk to a family member, friend or work colleague whom you already know to be a Freemason or better still a member of Temple Lodge. They will be able to explain to you what they can about the fraternity and the process to follow.

If you don’t know any of the foregoing, then get in touch with us. You will need to explain a little bit about yourself and your reasons for wishing to join Masonry and more specifically Temple Lodge

We will then make arrangements to meet you, maybe socially, to find out more about you, and to give you a chance to find out more about us.

You would then, in due course, be invited to meet a committee of members from the Lodge prior to being balloted for membership into Temple Lodge.

All being well, a date would then be fixed for your admission.
Contact us for more information:

Why Join?

Quest for Knowledge – Learn about the history and mysteries of Freemasonry

Charity – Give back to society through Masonic giving

Brotherhood – Mix with people of different ages, from different walks of life and different races and religions.

Self-Improvement – Become a better person

Learning – From peers and mentors, learning ritual, and after dinner speech making

Unusual – There is nothing quite like it in life

Achievement – Progressing through the offices to Worshipful Master of a Lodge

Some points before you apply

  • Members endeavour to cultivate brotherly love, relief and truth to one another and the world at large
  • An essential condition of membership is belief in a Supreme Being
  • Politics and religious discussion is not allowed in a Lodge
  • Masonry does not offer pecuniary advantage binging one mason to another, or support him in business
  • We support charities both Masonic and non-Masonic, but it is not a mutual benefit society
  • Masonry teaches our first duty is to our family, and Masonry should not be put ahead of loved ones

Everyone should be sure that:

  • They desire intellectual and moral improvement of himself and others
  • He is willing to devote time, means and efforts in the promotion of brotherly love, relief and truth
  • He seeks no commercial, social or pecuniary advantage
  • He is able to afford the expenditure of Masonry without detriment to himself or his family